Columbia Basin Trust

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This website provides current and historical context on the importance of fish harvest to First Nations people, including the effects of dams.

"The side navigational bar takes you the documents that provide the foundation for Indian fishing…


Center for Columbia River History

A summary of results of a July 2004 survey of Columbia Basin residents about their values and views regarding water.


Columbia Basin Trust

The full final report summarizing a study of the values and perspectives of residents of the Columbia Basin regarding water issues.

"The purpose of this project is to identify Basin residents’ values and views regarding water and water related…


Columbia Basin Trust

"This is Volume 2 of The Columbia River (H. Doc. 473), containing supplemental reports of the projects presented in coordinated form in Volume 1. Volume 1 contains the Departmental Report of February 8, 1947, final letters of transmittal, and…


United States. Bureau of Reclamation, United States. Department of the Interior

"This edition of The Columbia River is issued in advance of its publication as a Congressional Document in response to an urgent public demand for copies, many of them for official review. The document has not been transmitted to the Congress for…


United States. Bureau of Reclamation, United States. Department of the Interior

A report commissioned by the CCRF summarizing transboundary water management issues in the Columbia River Basin.

"There can be no doubt that there will be increasing challenges to cooperative management of the Columbia River in the future.…


Canadian Columbia River Forum, Paisley, Richard K., Davidson, Heather C.

One of two reports prepared by Work Group No. 1 on the determination of Canadian downstream power entitlement, specifically looking at storage at Arrow Lakes, Duncan Lake, and Mica. Work Group No. 1 consisted of both Canadian and American officials.…


Work Group No. 1

"This publication presents a detailed explanation of the planning and operation of the multiple-use dams and reservoirs of the Columbia River system. It describes the river system, those who operate and use it, the agreements and policies that guide…


United States. Bonneville Power Administration, United States. Bureau of Reclamation, United States. Army Corps of Engineers

A brochure introducing the history and impacts of the Columbia River Treaty.


Columbia Basin Trust

A fact sheet summarizing the Columbia Basin Trust's work around the Columbia River Treaty.


Columbia Basin Trust

Columbia Basin Trust supports efforts by the people of the Basin to create a legacy of social, economic
and environmental well-being and to achieve greater self-sufficiency for present and future generations.