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Written as a dissertation for a PhD in Zoology at the University of British Columbia.

"Experimental fertilization was conducted on Kootenay Lake, B.C. from 1992 to 1997 to compensate for nutrients lost behind hydroelectric dams upstream of the…


Thompson, Lisa Colleen

Completed as a dissertation for a PhD in the Resource Management and Environmental Studies program at the University of British Columbia.

"International water basins are experiencing increasingly rapid changes. Climate change, increased pressure…


Hearns, Glen

This extensive bibliography of freshwater studies includes work from before the Columbia River Treaty. Citations for the Columbia River can be found on page 50.

"This bibliography is the first of a continuing series, each containing 1,000…


Nicholson, H.F.

"Given that the Columbia River basin contains large areas of glacier ice and that it has a well-developed hydroelectric system and significant agricultural land usage, it is important to understand the impact of glacier runoff on the economy of the…


Power, J.M.

This paper, written as a thesis for a Master of Laws program at the University of British Columbia, explores international environmental law. It uses the Columbia River Treaty as one example of international river regimes.

"The two main arguments…


Kirk, Elizabeth Agnes

This article considers climate change impacts in the Columbia River Basin and how different outcomes will influence resource management in the Basin. Integrates climate change scenarios with implications on management and potential future conflicts…


Cohen, Stewart J. , Miller, Kathleen A. , Hamlet, Alan F. , Avis, Wendy

This article contemplates environmental impacts as a result of the implementation of the Columbia River Treaty, including operations for hydroelectric production and flood control and habitat destruction caused by dams. Also looks at mitigation.…


Dodge, Nicholas A.

This article reviews the origins and history of the Columbia River Treaty. It goes on to speculate on the future of the treaty in Canada and the United States. Swainson considers the lack of environmental ethos at the time of the Treaty and the…


Swainson, Neil

This article provides a brief history of the development of the Columbia with an emphasis on human relationships to the river and environmental changes. Includes First Nations and Tribal perspectives, particularly in relation to impacts on salmon…


Lang, William L.

An examination of the ecological effects of dams on the Columbia River's fish populations.

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Bullard, Oral

Columbia Basin Trust supports efforts by the people of the Basin to create a legacy of social, economic
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